Quality Policy

With the predominant goal of providing quality product for our customers we have devised a infallible Laboratory for Quality Tests and Checks.
We utilize only first grade and certified equipments, glassware and machinery in your labs.

We perform two International Standard Quality Tests which are as follows
  1. Methylene Blue Test also called Methylene Blue Substances Assay or MBAS, is a colorimetric analysis test method that uses methylene blue to detect the presence of anionic surfactants (such as a detergent or foaming agent) in a sample of water.
  2. Mixed Indicator Test Method covers the determination of the amount of synthetic anionic ingredient in a surfactant by direct titration with a standardized cationic reagent. The end point is detected by the transfer of a colored complex from an organic solvent phase to an aqueous phase.
This test method offers a means of determining anionic detergents commonly found in laundry, dishwashing, and other cleaning materials. Accurate determination of the anionic active substance is highly important in assessing the cost and effectiveness of such cleaning substances.

This test method is not affected by low molecular weight sulfonates, such as those of toluene and xylene commonly found in detergent formulations, when these substances are present up to 15 weight % of active material.